Monday, August 19, 2013

    how to get images in custom-facebook-feed no pro required !

    go to editing the plugin

    find the
    //***CREATE THE POST HTML***//

    and before //EVENT paste this

    $photo = $news->picture;
    $content .= "<img src='{$photo}'/>";


    Robert Thomson said...

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    zahid said...

    how to setuo the size of the photo

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    김요한 said...

    I have some posts that has posted more than one pic, how could i post all of them? and how could i resize the picture?

    Daniel Ameneiros said...

    can you see the pics? sure? i can´t get it

    Sergiu Petrisor said...

    Can you please verify that this still works? I copied-pasted the above code before //EVENT but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    joey said...

    I found the pro version here

    download the archive.tar.gz

    Ike Chukwumah said...


    I had the same problem. Add the following before //POST TEXT

    // IMAGE
    if (!empty($news->picture) && !empty($news->object_id)) {
    $object_id = $news->object_id;
    $picture = ''.$object_id.'/picture?type=normal&width=9999&height=9999';
    $cff_post_item .= '<img src="'.$picture.'" alt="" class="img-responsive" />

    Also the class img-responsive is just width:100%;

    Artem Horbenko said...

    Does it working now?
    On my blog not. can help?

    lee woo said...

    Love it! Very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful.

    Mads Hansen said...

    Anyone have an update on this? Cant get it to work.
    i added Ike Chukwumah suggestion but nothing changed..

    Levente Kocsis said...

    Solution for new versions (2.4 in my case):

    Chukwumah suggestion is working, BUT you HAVE TO add one word to the facebook graph query, because the free version even not queries for the 'picture' (that's why it's not working now).

    So in custom-facebook-feed.php search this line (Line 799. in my case):

    $cff_posts_json_url = '' . $page_id . '/' . $graph_query . '?fields=id,from,message,message_tags,story,story_tags,link,source,name,caption....

    Modify "...fields=id,from,message..." to "...fields=id,picture,from,message..."

    And also add Chukwumah suggestion before //POST TEXT.

    By the way, anyone can add all the pro features (or even more) by exploring the Facebook Graph API (

    Hope it helps...

    swapu said...

    After lots of trying i finally got this solution by using the facebook page plugin.

    Here is the details very easy to it no need for API or any thing. Follow the below link for more detail. Hope this will work for all you.

    JohnMurdock said...

    Using (current) version 2.4.5 of Custom Facebook Feed use this code. It will display the picture in large resolution and link it to the source on facebook.

    $photo = ''.$news->object_id.'/picture?access_token=' . $access_token;
    $cff_post_item .= "<a href='{$news->link}' target='_blank'><img src='{$photo}'/></a>";
    $cff_post_item .= "<img src='{$photo}'/>";

    Additional you can comment out this line:
    if($cff_show_media_link) $cff_post_item .= $cff_media_link;

    just a guy said...

    JohnMurdock this worked but how can I put the photo under or over the "view on facebook" and "share" links?

    Isabelle Bronzwaer said...

    Hi JohnMurdock where do you add this code?

    Albert Smith said...

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    Ike Chukwumah said...

    @Albert Smith - Really dude!!!! really ????

    Alex Milner said...

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    smey valentine said...
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